Poppy Gerrard is our newly crowned Miss Plastfree Eco Queen 2021

Miss England Finals 2021

Watch her Eco Dress video here

























Plastfree Revolution with the national beauty pageant

Today’s youth are more aware than ever before and what better opportunity than the covetted Miss England pageant to talk about sustainable fashion and hygiene!

We are thrilled to be co-sponsoring the Miss England event this year and the Eco Round. #plastfreeecoqueen has been a journey to highlight negativities of fast fashion & the importance of living consciously by re using materials, choosing biodegradable products, saying no to plastic whilst designing an outfit and making it wearable!

All the contestants have shown not only awareness of the environmental problems but also the skills necessary to sow, cut & conceptualise an eco-friendly dress with passion & perseverence.

It is an honour to be co- judging the Eco Round with Angie Beasley, Director of Miss England contest and 2014 Miss Eco winner!

 Live Consciously.

Miss Eco Queen entries

We are so excited to be sponsoring & judging this year’s Miss Plastfree Eco Queen at Miss England Finals on 27 August 2021.

It has been a fantastic journey to see the contestants design their eco dresses from scratch! Using sustainable, plastic free materials, recycling old clothes, reusing upcycled products & supporting charities. It has truly been a celebration of talent!

In 2007, the Miss England National Director, Angie Beasley invented the Miss England ECO Round as not everyone can afford to buy expensive / designer clothes to compete in the contest .  In this ethical round  , contestants are invited to get creative and think about recycling . The national finalists are invited to source an outfit made from recycled materials/ clothing  & make the outfit look stylish on the catwalk. Often the girls purchase clothing  from charity shops or gather recycled materials to create some amazing colourful creations!

Click here to see some of the outfits for past years.

Bhasha Mukherjee, reigning Miss England 2019 has become  the Face of the Plastfree brand in 2020.

Academy award winning movie collaboration

We at Plastfree, would like to take this opportunity to look beyond our comfort zones & experience lives of women who are not as priviledged as others, through the eyes of the makers of the Academy Award winning shortfilm on Netflix, Period End of Sentence.

We encourage families to watch this eye openeing movie along with the Miss England contestants at their own time & be a part of a rare & incredible opportunity to join a live session with the makers from The Pad Project Team hosted by Plastfree & Miss England on This Menstrual Hygiene Day, 28 May 2021  at 7pm for a Q&A session. Join us with your family & friends to raise funds for this amazing organisation and spread the message of menstrual equality.

By providing equal access to sanitary products & menstrual education it can directly improve lives of girls, women & all menstruators.

Facts (according to WHO):

1. If girls receive 7 full years of education they will marry avg 4 years later

2. They will have 2.2 fewer children

3. If they attend 1 extra year of secondary education then average salary can increase upto 25%

4. This can raise average country GDP by billions of dollars (Global Partnership)

5. If India enrolled just 1 % more girls in school, its GDP would increase by 5.5 billion dollars(USAID)

Educating women has direct impact on individual, communities and nations!

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