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Plastfree family is highly motivated to bring a positive change to women & environment. It all started when Abi & Anushka watched a documentary on BBC that showed how Laysan Albatrosses birds were affected by plastic pollution. They immediately decided to do something that they could, by themselves.

It struck a cord that was difficult to break. They stopped buying single use plastic bottles and focussed more on their individual recycling at home. Their two children also changed their ways of daily lives, from saying NO to  plastic toothbrush, toothpaste, lunch boxes to going for eco friendly birthday parties. Anushka made sure she opted for eco friendly alternatives available such as sugarcane bagasse plates, cups, cutlery etc instead of the plastic ones she used. She also started a petition in Change.org highlighting the importance of supermarkets taking control of the production and selling of eco friendly products and ditching single use products for good.

Having always used the conventional period products herself, she was very excited to find biodegradable sanitary napkins being sold! Immediately switching to Eco-friendly pads Anushka realised the absorption was poorer, price was exorbitant and plastic was present everywhere from stickers to outer wrappers.

The following couple of years Abi spent developing a product that would tick all the boxes- highest absorption, plastic free, eco friendly and most importantly affordable. He though of not only the product but also the logistics, packaging, certifications and finally reaching it out to the masses.

Instead of watching from the sidelines as environmental pollution worsens, Abi & Anushka have become the change they wanted to see in the world.

When You buy, She studies

Plastfree Foundation believes that every girl deserves education. No one should miss school because of periods. That’s why with every box you buy, we donate a box to a girl who needs it in deprived communities around the world.

We not only work in villages but also in developed countries where poverty might not be seen so blatantly but it certainly exists!

End Period Poverty. Live Consciously.

Our Purpose

“To us it has always been the journey that seems to have a purpose than the destination itself”, says Abi &  Anushka, the Founders of Plastfree in reference to how they managed to create a product that reduces the carbon footprint and help the environment. Our purpose was to address a problem that needed a conscious attention.

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate people about plastic pollution caused by sanitary pads and give our future generations a premium eco friendly product that they can afford. By using alternative eco friendly products in our day to day lives, we can all contribute to a greener earth.

Feels a lot more natural than other products. I started to use it as it is an eco-friendly
product and now no irritations and feels safer to use. I am so pleased with it and will
continue to do so. Would recommend to anyone looking for a comfy environment
friendly pad.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our products!

Is Plastfree made of Natural products?

Yes, all of the Plastfree products are hypoallergenic, free from fragrance, chemicals and are made from sustainable materials only.

How good is Plastfree compared with other similar ones?

Our products are kinder to your skin and absorbs 5 times more than the other brands. We have not only thought about the pad top layer using the best organic cotton, we have introduced a new leak proof 'biodegradable bottom layer' instead of plastic PE layer as given by others. We have also thought about 'disposal' as being an important part of the period waste. So wrapping the pad in cotton covers instead of plastic covers and no stickers certainly gives way to spread the message of being kinder to our planet and promoting good disposal habits. Our box is also 100% recyclable using paper instead of the nasty plastic as given by the giant brands. All these changes have made the product eco friendly and cetainly the right choice for you!

Are they good for heavy flow?

Plastfree products have layers of ultra-absorbent core in the pads, which firmly locks in the heaviest of flow. We are proud to say that our products absorb blood from 220ml to 500ml in our different sizes, which is 5 times of what is available.


Yes. There’s a world of difference between conventional cotton pads & certified organic cotton pads. Conventional pads contain almost 4 single carrier bags and are produced with regular cotton using heavy pesticides & chemicals. The cotton top sheet used in Plastfree pads are sourced from farms using natural organic process. Although we use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, we do not overprice our product. We believe in giving our future generation a premium eco-friendly organic product that they can afford.

Are your products biodegradable?

Our products are made of natural cotton and are biodegradable, packaging is also using sustainable materials only.

Are your products all Vegan?

All of our products are Vegan products. Ingredients and production methods are checked and certified by the experts at Vegetarian Society.

Where can we buy the products?

It is available in Amazon, selected pharmacies and local stockists near you. Contact us for more details.

Are your pads expensive?

Breaking free from the habit of buying cheap unsustainable goods is a hard thing to do in a compettive world. Hence coming out of one's comfort zone to buy a new product can seem tougher than ususal for many. We have made sure women can buy Plastfree pads at the price similar to the leading brands.

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