Hello I am 36 years old of Asian ethnicity and currently going through my perimenopause phase.

I haven’t had heavy periods for now four months but occasionally bleed lightly for a day or two. I have done all my necessary tests and no I am not pregnant or have any endometriosis issues. I have had kids very early on when I was 23 years and since then my period has been normal where I would use four/five pads a day. But during the past 3 years I have had very heavy bleeding with clots and stomach pain which was very unusual for me. Regular flushing and depression became a part of my daily life, and I became more and more incapable of doing my daily chores.

I used to take pictures of my clots to see if it was bigger or smaller than my last one! I started watching documentaries and reading about women’s health and periods. That’s when I came across Blue Planet and many activists who talked about plastic pollution caused by period products. I decided to spend my time researching about them to divert my attention from the regular heavy bleeding, loss of energy and will to live. I started reading books on CBT and started self-healing and self-therapy at home! I would tell my children that on these period days I would not be the mamma they knew, and my husband was aware of my change in mood and temper too.

I realised that talking it out was the best solution and addressing the problem head on, instead of hiding it and crying over it. After realising that 450M period products end up in sewers in Britain only and that 90% of menstrual hygiene product ingredients was plastic, I looked to switch to organic, plastic free ones available. But was soon disappointed with their quality and performance. That’s why I decided to see what I could do to make a product that would suit me and other heavy bleeders like me without being a burden to the environment! That’s how I came up with Plastfree after two years of research- a eco period brand that addresses plastic pollution with five times more absorbency than any other pads available, all certified and tested. I must say, that now when I look back, I realise that although I was in pain and going through a major body change, knowledge and education opened my mind up and that is key for women to start dealing with their period problems head on.

Unless, you know what perimenopause and menopause and their symptoms are, it is not possible for us to even identify with the discomfort we face let alone get time off work. This new announcement on 8 March 2022 by the Mayor of London’s new menopause policy states– ‘the long-term effects of the menopause, and that staff experiencing it are entitled to request suitable support and workplace adjustments – for example, related to temperature, tasks and time off,’ is a brilliant way not only for men but also women to start listening to their bodies and addressing what has been ignored since civilisation.

Join in the historic decision and celebrate this Women’s Month.

Anushka Mukherjee

Operations Director