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Plastic has no place in your period, that’s why PLASTFREE promises to be organic and chemical free. The sanitary pads are five times more absorbent than conventional plastic or organic brands, giving you complete protection.

Join Plastfree’s mission to keep 2 billion single use plastic out of landfill by 2025!

PLASTFREE was a concept that started from an office space from the home of Abi & Anushka, couple based in Surrey with a decade long business in UK building new homes. They both worked in retail and business banking, prior to starting out as entrepreneurs. After watching the most iconic documentary of the year 2018- Blue Planet II, they couldn’t believe the devastating impact human behaviour had even in the remotest corners of our planet. They had to know more about plastic pollution- its causes & effects.

On an average 11,000 menstrual items are used each year & period products were voted to be the 5th largest ocean polluter- this had to change.

They wanted to make a product which was not only plastic free, chemical free, dioxin free and fragrance free in all layers, but also wanted it to be fit for its purpose & more.

Two years of research and development materialised the concept of Plastfree, the highest absorbing biodegradable sanitary pad range available in UK & every element free of plastic. They are better than the plastic ones as instead of 800 years, organic period products take from 6 months for tampons & up to 2 years for pads to biodegrade in a warm & humid condition.

In a short time since November 2019, Plastfree pads and tampons are sold in USA, Canada, Dubai and UK. They give 10% of profits to address period poverty in UK and India, planting trees, generating employment and campaigns to save our rivers!