Our India charity partner Calcutta Rescue has been distributing pads monhtly to women who would not have money to buy pads otherwise. They come form backgrounds where getting a daily meal is a task. In these circumstances periods often takes a back seat.

It can cause shame when stained with blood and immobilisation because of fear and lack of resources. We at Plastfree decided to support their work further into looking at hygiene of these slum dwellers by offering them locally produced biodegradable pads made of cotton. This has gretaly helped the women who rely on daily wages to sustain their family and feed themselves.

We are grateful to the entire team at Calcutta rescue for helping Plastfree do what we would have not been able to due to geographical barriers.

Calcutta Rescue started the “Restoration of the Livelihoods” project through the handicrafts unit aiming to train and provide employment to the poorest section of the society who lost their work during the lockdown. In January 2021 the project started with 20 women trainees and after six months, the hard work of our dedicated handicrafts team pays off. And Plastfree UK have further supported their mission by giving the first order of 100 sanitary bag pouches that are being handcrafted to perfection and son will be here in UK