Plastic free April 2021 challenge is a month long focus, to keep plastic out of our daily habits

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April 2021: To mark the 1st year of Plastic Free April 2021 challenge, encouraging people to say no to flushing non flushables, in an effort to reduce consumption of single use plastic & flushing them which results in river pollution.

The Plastic free April challenge will help people take small actions towards a better lifestyle that has a direct impact on our immediate environment. With the increase in consumers using plastic products that are non biodegradable or water soluble, it costs our families and government millions a day to deal with drain blockages.

Anushka Mukherjee, founder of Plastfree and Plastic Free April 2021 challenge, explains why she feels this challenge will influence habits and plastic free living.

“1.5-2 Billion menstrual items are flushed in Britain’s toilet, which causes 370,000 sewer blockages. I also found that period products are the fifth largest ocean polluter too. Last year we supported Lanes Group Plc, one of UK’s largest independent drainage and water utility company, with their Unblocktober campaign to spread the message of ‘Save our Rivers’. Fats, oil and grease commonly known as FOG is the main cause of sewer blockages and plastic based non flushable tampons, nappies, pads, wet wipes, cotton buds etc all are key to the cause of the problem.

  • Over 70% of those items are flushed most of the times in UK.
  • Almost half the women flush daily liners
  • 36% of times sanitary pads are flushed too
  • 5% of waste on UK beaches comes from what we flush down our loos
  • wet wipes and period products contain micro fibres that are made of plastic


So when it comes to Single use plastic products like, wet wipes, tampons & applicators, sanitary pads, dental floss, nappies, plasters, cotton bud, did you know that all of these take between 100- 1000 years to biodegrade in nature. So the waste we generate toady will still be around for generations to come. Biodegradable products use much less time to degrade in nature like 6 months up to 2 years for tampons & pads.

From our last year’s Unblocktober campaign, Lanes Group conducted a survey of 1200 people and found that….

  • 48% had poured oil and fat down their kitchen sink
  • 55% had flushed a wet wipe down the loo
  • 46% of women had flushed a tampon down the loo
  • 79% had washed paint brushes in their sink.

This year I wanted to start my own campaign with Plastic Free April 2021 challenge, not to bring about a drastic change but a consistent month long awareness that we all can participate in & be the change.

An individual’s choice to choose sustainable, plastic free living as a result of the campaign will be success for me.”

Plastic Free April 2021 challenge aims to motivate simple swaps from

  • Swapping wet wipes to only toilet paper or flushables ones
  • Have a dustbin next to the toilet
  • Swap plastic period products to biodegradable ones & bin it
  • Look for Fine to Flush label products if available


How to join the Plastic Free April 2021 Challenge?

It’s simple;
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use #plasticfreeapril2021
when you are ready to join us in the challenge.

Choose either a:

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Let’s get this started. Join the Plastfree Revolution. Live Consciously.

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