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Plastic pollution is spreading like cancer and we are doing very little to prevent it. There are solutions available but few are brave enough to adopt it. The challenges our world has been facing in the last 40 years, from misuse of man made plastic (depleting natural gas, fossil fuels, affecting ocean heath or animals dying) is at its peak and before it takes revenge in the form of natural calamities or something we cannot imagine we need to act fast. As we have heard what goes around comes around it is imperative that the problem is dealt with at government level.

Super markets in UK or producer have made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe hence they should be responsible in accepting the plastic back they sell to consumers which they show no clear signs of as of now.

People in significant position of power have the responsibility to act for the Good.
1.Hence, they must encourage big giant supermarkets to stop using any form of plastic for their trade and introduce biodegradable solutions already available in the world for daily consumption. If smaller businesses are doing it and selling on websites, amazon and ebay and on social media why should the supermarkets not join in the revolution. It would mean significant initial losses but on the broader perspective their losses will be Mother Earth’s gain.
2.Supermarkets should keep a separate bin visible at the entrance of any shop, to accept plastic wrappers and trays from packaging after any sale. Consumers are ready for the challenge but the companies are not moving fast enough.
3.Also, encouragement should be shown to start ups investing in biodegradable and compostable solutions by applying some levy for factory set up just like first time buyers get from Help to Buy scheme.
4.Start using paper or other biodegradable cups in Government offices to start with.

Personal story
My husband and I owners of Plastfree brand have been passionately following this silent revolution and now investing into manufacturing, importing and distributing 100% Biodegradable plant based products such as coffee cups, straws, plates, cutlery, take away boxes and 100% Cotton sanitary napkins in UK. Considering the harm it has caused around us we could not stop but put our lives savings into something that we thoroughly believe in. It is like a drop in the ocean but at least it is what we can do to fight the cancer in the society!

Looking back at this petition remminds us of the reason why we started Plastfree and although we haven’t been successful in launching the cutlery etc (due to economic factors) we have been successful in manufacturing the feminine hygiene range, reducing millions of single use plastic from going into landfill in UK.