Heavy menstrual bleeding, also called menorrhagia, affects 1 in every 5 women between the ages of 35 and 55 and has an enormous impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Think for example about the practical problems, such as having to change menstrual products every hour, avoiding wearing light-coloured clothes, or always being afraid of leaking in public. Heavy periods also affect the sex life, leisure time and self-esteem. According to a survey in Netherlands, the women reported feeling extremely tired (85%) or depressed (40%), taking a sick day from work (40%) and cancelling exercising or sporting activities (62%)

Despite its severity, not many people discuss their HMB-complaints or talk about how the condition disrupts their life. The society must encourage women who suffer from heavy periods to share their stories, with each other and with their doctors. Because more attention for this serious problem is needed. No less than 35% of the women would have been more likely to visit their GP if they had known that heavy periods are a medical condition, and 28% if they had known there were treatment options.

Source: https://www.period.media/factsfigures/hmb-a-bloody-serious-problem/

Reference; Heavy Periods, online survey among 1,004 women who have experienced heavy periods in the past 3 years (18+), 14th to 18th September 2018, 24 september 2018, 3 Monkeys Zeno for Hologic Benelux.

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