For the past few years many period activists have been campaigning for free tampon/pads in schools and to abolish the tampon tax. With vigorous campaigns and support from women across the globe this has become successful & a talked about topic. This vibe has shown a rise in organic period  brands selling all over the world specially UK. Plastfree is one of them but with a difference. We have not only manufactured a breakthrough product that absorbs 5 times more than conventional brands but we are also affordable. We are a disruptive brand bringing together quality with affordability.

EFG Housewares, Enfield one of the UK’s largest wholesaler & distributor have started selling Plastfree and this has taken months of hardwork and negotiations to reach this stage today. We are thrilled that we have started a change in this wholesale industry which supplies to all the small & medium size shop owners & offer organic period products to customers in their distribution network.

Our vision is to influence as many people as we can to swap the plastic period product with affordable organic certified ones. Change is happening and Plastfree team is proud to be leading it in the feminine hygiene industry.