Sanitary pads are said to absorb from 20ml to 60ml blood loss. Then again we fail to categorise women’s body when everyone is different. Blood loss is also dependant on your hormonal levels, age, mental health, family history. Typically we see that women suffering from endometriosis or other issues like fibroids suffer heavier blood loss than others.

So for them are the usual organic period pads available enough?? Answer is no. Hence Plastfree is the only brand in the whole of UK to offer highest absorption to hold excess blood loss as we use a new technology to absorb liquid by using a biodegradable core.

Our products are kinder to your skin and biodegradable core absorbs 5 times more blood/ leaks than the other brands- doing it’s job. Our glue is just right making the wings stick & does not fall apart. Plastfree pads don’t get stuck too much on to fabric making it a bad experience like other organic pads.

We have not only thought about the pad top layer using the best organic cotton, we have introduced a new leak proof ‘biodegradable bottom layer’ instead of plastic PE layer as given by others. This means that our product is biodegradable as a whole and not just on the top sheet!

We have also thought about ‘disposal’ as being an important part of the period waste. So wrapping the pad in cotton covers instead of plastic covers and no stickers certainly gives way to spread the message of being kinder to our planet and promoting good disposal habits. Our box is also 100% recyclable using paper instead of the nasty plastic as given by other brands. All these changes have made the product eco friendly and cetainly the right choice for you!