Still children in the UK are missing school because they were unable to afford menstrual products. “As a mother of schoolgirls myself, I was cocerned that a natural, biological function was denying girls their right to education and continuing the period stigma,” says Co-founder, Anushka Mukherjee.

Our month long drive to donate free period pads to primary & secondary schools from 15 September till 10 October will be to support the charity Period Movement (#periodactionday). By donating eco friendly pads to the Year 6’s & above to our primary & secondary schools in Surrey we aim to to raise awareness about choosing period products consciously.

It is all said and done in UK about choosing eco products but somewhere in another part of the world at the same time, girls in Nairobi has been seen fighting for right to study as they are kept out of school. Indian school girls in villages still face stigma of staying in huts outside home as this is seen as impure. When will the world understand that periods has nothing to do with religion or education.It is the way women’s body is created and we all must normalise discussions and not shy away form talking about it. The more conversations students have with boys & girls together it will help break the stigma.

Plastfree is committed to raising awareness about mentruation and talk freely about it.