River clean ups have revealed that River Thames is dumped with plastic litter comprising of 60% in total. Alll UK rivers are polluted with microplastics. Is it now time for us to rethink how we are becoming a cause for the decreasing health of our waters? River Merseyside is the most polluted than any other in UK. A study claims that if there were more REUSABLE PLASTICS there would be less rubbish in the water.

With this thought in mind, Plastfree wanted to be part of organisations who are doing something about it. Our aim is to: GET INVOLVED IN COMMUNITY ACTION, LEARN WITH EACH OTHER & CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR BEHAVORIAL CHANGE.

We came across WASUP (recommended by Miss England 2019,  Dr Bhasha Mukherjee) lead by Prof Gatrad, OBE. Walsall Against Single Use plastic (WASUP) is about raising awareness through posters, videos talks etc and practically discussing with various groups how to decrease the use of plastic in their organisation in Walsall. Their 4 tenets are:

  1. Raise awareness in all sectors of the community (schools, businesses, places of worship etc) thorough talks events and the social media)
  2. Educate the children in schools about the dangers of plastic and teach them about recycling.
  3. Litter picking both in streets and the waterways by all sectors of the community.
  4. Putting pressure on manufacturers to use less plastic in their packaging or in some cases none.

Plastfree aims to support the events by sponsoring litter picks and raisng awareness by providing literature for schools to jointly work towards a common mission!

Plastfree is working in partnership with WASUP to contribute litter picks and hoops to assist individuals all over UK, to carry out litter picks in an around their area. Raising awreness about looking after the environment and loving our rivers which ultimately have to pay a price for our actions. We have donated for projects taking place in Coventry, York, Leicester, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Walsall, Lincolnshire, Maidenhead, Newark already in one month of collaboration. Hope to be able to contribute a portion to WASUP’s aim of 2022 litter bags for the Commonwealth Games 2022!

Live Consciously.