Plastfree Foundation is committed to raising awareness about plastic pollution affecting our planet beacuse of incorrect disposal of sanitary items . We believe that a right culture in scoiety is important where discussions about these topics are held regularly to implement the necessary actions. To strenghten our views we are very excited to announce that we are collaborating with Unblocktober, to raise the issue of ‘DONOT FLUSH’  with an organisation @ldnschoolseco  (London Schools Eco Network- Student led network of London schools , Aiming to raise awareness on environmental issues in our school communities and together more broadly Tansform our World) in the autumn term this year!

Plastfree is partnering with a drainage company Lanes For Drains who have been in the news last year and also on BBC for starting a campaign called ‘ Unblocktober’. It gained great momentum focussing on issues like flushing fats, oils, wet wipes, sanitary pads, liners etc down the toilet & sink that eventually costs the common people and govt millions to get rid of as it blocks the drains.   Plastfree, will be supporting their campaign as a feminine care brand focussed on environmental issues and it will be fantastic to get teachers & students spread this message ‘DO NOT FLUSH’ a solution to the single use plastic problem in oceans and seas today!

Plastfree &  Lanes for Drains will be giving a short presentation to address this problem that is one of the main causes for this global pandemic. We are very eager to see how this partnership works and what interesting conversations take place.