Campaigner Ella Daish has been successful in raising her voice for consumers and their right to have access to eco friendly products to buy in supermarkets. If consumers do not have a choice then how do they make a decision about what they are buying.

Caerphilly, Welsh council has decided to spend all their grant to supply free eco friendly sanitary products to schools and not the plastic ones available. A break trough in the mindset of policymakers indeed!

She said: “I’m overjoyed that one of the councils I’ve been contacting has decided to take this step to actually go completely eco-friendly with their spending.

“We need more councils and governments to be taking this action, to consider the environment and start making green choices.

“We can tackle period poverty, the plastic crisis and protect the environment simultaneously.”

Plastfree team applauds her vision and hardwork into changing mind set of decision makers.

Source: BBC article