Menstrual hygiene is one of the most talked about topic in 2019. Who would have thought that the conventional polymer based pads we have used since early 1900’s will soon face extinction!

With numerous start ups in the feminine hygiene field saying what they want to say and doing what they want to do, has shown the world a new generation that is committed to bring about change in their own terms. Gone are those days when the urban women would rely on the diaper look alike pads & feeling nervous buying a pad over the counter whether it was a pharmacy or in a shop, with the overpowering colours and on the face designs shouting out loud “I am a Sanitary Pad”. Moms, grandmoms or any female in the family discreetly talking about “those” days of the month or even worse; in some villages where women had to resort to a straw huts and live on bare necessities, being called untouchable!

This new generation has witnessed the power of women raising their voice against all odds. Whether it be for tax free tampons or femine hygiene products, plastic free pads, supermarkets being more responsible towards environment or young activists like Greta crying out for global warming. There has certainly been a quick shift in the minds of the people around the world man, woman or any gender. This shows that people are more conscious of the environment around them and are eager not to walk the path the previous generations have.

Nowadays, the pads are ultra thin giving one a sense of wearing almost nothing. Comfort and performance have become one. Plastfree is just one of the many doing what they can and trying to bring about a right balance of both and most importantly PRICE. With more people switching to eco-friendly menstrual products such as cotton pads/ washable pads/ menstrual cups and cotton tampons from the usual plastic based pads/tampons, using period products will no longer feel like an environment polluter! Lets Live Consciously!