Wearing the usual pads with plastic top sheet can sometimes leave you with rashes. This can lead to itching, swelling and redness. This can be because of 3 causes

1. Moisture and heat leading up tp bacterial infection

2. Irritants in the ingredients of the pad

3. friction of wearing it all day and night

Dermatitis in the vulva is known as vulvitis. This causes red swelling, pain, itching and a sore feeling. The top sheet of a pad is the one that comes in contact with the skin and if it made of petroleum and other polymer based chemicles which can cause vulvitis. Untreated rash may lead to vaginal infections that may take longer to treat if left unattended.This is where Plastfree pads can really make a difference as the top sheet is made from perforated cotton that is soft and kinder to the skin. Hence it is very important to wear eco friendly. breathable, hypoallergenic, chemical free and fragrance free pads and not the plastic ones.

Treat it

1. Wear loose cotton underwear

2.  Wear unscented pads

3. Use creams to soothe the vaginal area and wash frequently

4. Change pads 2-3 hours or depending on your blood flow to avoid being too moist and stay dry

Prevent it

  1. Switch to cotton hypoallergenic pad instead of plastic ones. Plastfree pads not only fit this criteria, it is also affordable and inexpensive.
  2. Change pads often and use antifungal creams
  3. Try washable pad sor menstrual cups