Caroline Russell AM, Chair of the Environment Committee, said:

“Public awareness around single-use plastics, in terms of disposable water bottles and coffee cups is high, but what about other daily products, like wet wipes, nappies and period products? These products end up in our rivers and oceans, sit in landfills or are incinerated, inflicting irreparable damage on our environment.

“We urgently need to educate Londoners not to flush these items down the toilet and enlist the help of the Mayor to take some practical steps to help the situation. “London has to learn to bin it and not flush it.” 

Thames Water removes 30 tonnes of unflushable material every day from one of its sites.

It unclogs five house blockages every hour from London’s sewers, a 30 per cent increase from last year.

Sewage blockages cost Thames Water and ultimately consumers £12 million a year.

Waste authorities collect more than 100,000 tonnes of menstrual waste a year.

The majority will be sent for incineration, adding to London’s carbon emissions and polluting the air.

Nappies that go to landfill take around 400 years to disintegrate.


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