Once her period has started a Period Kit is very important to build confidence in your child and make her prepared during her day at school. it should include:

  1. Eco friendly sanitary napkins (2-3 items)
  2. A handbag-size packet of wipes
  3. Spare underwear
  4. A nappy sack in case she needs to bring stained underwear home
  5. Paracetamol in case she has pains but in line with school policies

Remember to refill items once used.

Go through with your child how to wear a pad. Make sure you do demos at home to make her aware of what she needs to do.

Generally, girls start their periods about two years after their breasts begin to develop, and a year after they start getting a vaginal discharge. If you’ve noticed these changes in your daughter, it’s a good idea to give her some sanitary pads to keep in her bag in case her first period starts at school!